Satavand Pazh consultant engineers began activity in 1991. By means of technical, engineering, and management experiences and through taking advantage of creative talents the company is capable of offering services in areas such as: technical consultant, researching, and the design phase of hotels, commercial, residential and office projects.
Considering the principle of Employer Satisfaction, along with the appreciation of human resources and applying valuable standards, creative improvement of quality of life was set as the company’s main goal. To achieve this, we defined our quality management system based on ISO 9001-2008 standards and the following principles were defined as the main approaches:


  • Emphasis on team work and taking advantage of professional human skills and abilities

  • Applying new technologies and combining it with the most beautiful and practical effects of art

  • The promotion of achievements by continuous research and education resulted in creativity and innovation

  • Continually improve assessment processes and practices in the organizational excellence.

  • Strengthening company’s management and members for the sake of maintaining balance between 3 major parameters, namely: Quality, Time, and Cost, providing employers the maximum profitability

  • An active participation in internal and international projects

Satavand Pazh Managers


Chief executive of Satavand Pazh Company: Fariborz Ali-Asghari

He is the founder and the chief executive of Satavand Pazh consulting engineers. Through enlisting a skillful group of designers and engineers his purpose is to characterize a specific process for each project to increase the quality. He has a master degree in architectural and urban design.

Satavand Pazh director of the management board: Farinaz Ali-Asghari

She is the company’s director of management board who based her activity in accordance with architectural knowledge of the day. Having a master degree in architectural and urban design, she is still in contact with the academic environment and researching activities.

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